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Codes and Safety Matter

Expertise matters and following appropriate Codes does as well. We will not do any project that does not exactly follow requisite Codes. This includes the NEC (national electric code). These are rules and understandings about safety that have been proven time and again over decades of combined experience and expertise and are now codified to take advantage of these lessons learned. Our craftsmanship and engineering experience mandates that we act according to the best possible means for your project and this include following all building and craft specific codes. There are instances when the authority having jurisdiction will offer to rescind code requirements for certain aspects of building, an example would be when a window is so close to the floor that an outlet could not be installed. In such cased other ideas are often utilized to ameliorate this effect. We work closely with those in authority in such cases. We may in some cases even make recommendations to exceed code requirements based on our own experience and expertise. But you can rest assured that we will follow all appropriate codes on your project and also the intent of these codes to produce the most reliable, and safety orient project possible.