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Expertise Matters

Does your project require an emergency generator, such as for a hospital operating room that upon power failure can be up and running within two seconds supply back up power? Do you need alternative energy at a remote cabin sight were there are not any available utilities; we will provide a combination wind and solar system with back up UPS that will take you completely off the power grid. Do you need a high altitude repeater sight where there are no roads, no power, and it must be operational 24/7 whether sunshine, rain or snow with freezing mountain top temperatures, winds, rhyme ice? Does your project require high altitude helicopter lifting of equipment and supplies to become a reality? Do we need to have expertise in using water gel and other explosive (primer cord, ammonium nitrate) to blast out your foundations because not any excavating equipment will be available? Do you have a seemingly impossible building lot on a mountainside location where there are seismic considerations that could destroy the building in a slide during an earth quake? Do you need a distributed audio system along with home theater/surround sound (5.1 to 7.2 capable), that is computer balanced for every piece of furniture in you room, also that is all color-touch -screen controlled and you want added real scene lighting like a movie theater? Does your project need amazingly beautiful designed features that requires specialized framing that is truly Victorian Era, Bell towers, Stick framed entry, a look that few if any even have the knowledge or ability to replicate? What about a self-supported circular stairway that has 300 lb. per foot strength with French curved staircase? Do you have a treatment plant, or missile base that requires specialized security, electronic reporting or other unique conditions?

We have the high quality engineering and expertise of decades long experiences to make your project come into reality with quality and sturdiness that will pleasantly surprise you and at cost savings compare to few if any others. Also with abilities that few if any contractors have in their experience to complete. Whether your project is multimillion dollar project or just a remodel for your family room for a new Home Theater system it is the same care and planning for us. We will use our experience to ensure a successful outcome that is a project that will be of great value and cost effectiveness for the budget allocated.

Whether your project is multimillion dollar mountain top repeater location at 13,000 ft. elevations or in an overseas country with difficult logistics, we bring expertise to a successful outcome. We have personnel with specialized military experience and training with ability to proceed even with difficult and challenging objectives.