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Contracts Achieving Specificity of Understanding

How do our projects work for you? We can start the planning stages with whatever makes you comfortable. For instance, we can show you our ideas on how to proceed with the concepts you have expressed. If you have specific specifications or plans these can be constructed or implemented into the project design. We will try to achieve a project plan that puts you in the drivers seat for all aspects including achievable results, specifications, and finally budget. We try to write our contracts to the extent that there is not any guess work about how the project will proceed when considering specifications, time for completions, and budget. Our guarantee is that baring extreme conditions, including acts of God, we will achieve what is detailed in our contract for your project. We like to have as much specificity in our contracts as possible, even including model numbers. This ensures a context of understanding that is maybe as immutable as can be achieved. If you have changes during the project that you either desired after some considerations, or decided upon based on further evaluations, we will implement such changes with a concrete ability to proceed both with the time line and also in consideration for your budget. We desire at any stage of the project that you can evaluate the results and see the correlation between desired specifications, time line and budget. We do not like to have misunderstandings and the surest way to achieve that product is a well laid out plan and contract to enable all parties to be at the same comprehension level both during and after the project is completed.