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Projects we have a wide range of contracting experience which includes: complex residences built on difficult mountainous located building lots; microwave repeater sights constructed at high altitude locations in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Utah, for multi-million digital microwave networks; high voltage power lines both overhead and underground; treatment plants; hospitals; schools; shopping centers; missile base; and others. The others include remodel projects for adding Home Theater entertainment centers, distributed audio systems, scene lighting, color-touch screen controlled automation controllers for any systems, solar and wind gererating systems, both UPS and emergency power generation systems. We are not so called "paper contractors (who know nothing)," we have both the engineering and technical skills, as well as decades worht of experience and expertise to know what is needed to make excellent craftsmanship for your project.

Whether your project is multimillion dollar project or just a remodel for your family room for a new Home Theater system it is the same care and planning for us. We will use our experience to ensure a successful outcome that is a project that will be of great value and cost effectiveness for the budget allocated.

Our projects have entailed solving specialized technical problems for instance how to drill and blast foundations at over 13,000 foot elevations where normal equipment was not available, even drilling compressors would not operate well at such altitudes and extensive usage of water gel explosives was involved and required to even excavate foundations. We have completed complex structures for both commercial and residential on difficult mountainous located sights. Designing original computerized networks for your electrical control and automations is accomplished "in-house." We can taylor your project for your specifications.

Whatever your project it becomes our focus to successful completion. We want to hear from you both before, during and after we have successfully completed your project. We want continuing satisfaction and pride in workmanship. Well accomplished projects, lasting for many years beyond expectations are the experiences we seek to be known.

We will not skimp on materials or craftsmanship, all our craftsman are documented and qualified professionals. We will not cut corners to add some bucks of profit that result in critical details being left in the lurch of either lacking in quality materials or those who are either unqualified or undocumented craftsmen. You can rest easy with our project completed for you, being well crafted, of lasting value and at agreed budget.