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UPS and Emergency Generation Equipment Why It Matters?

When a project involves a UPS or emergency generation system, reliability matters above all. Whether your system is backing up hospital emergency or operating rooms, a computer clean room, or your business purposes; you do not want failure of the system equipment. Unfortunately like many manufactured products, there are UPS and emergency systems that are knock-offs, with questionable origins. Almost endemic, it seems, of those importing imitations from China or India, likely nameplates have been replaced to imply USA, or other very reliable, manufactured? This in itself can become misleading; some have taken this to levels that are surprising in scope. But lacking are often fundamental design and testing criteria. This includes availability of features that may be desired for your project such as Modbus or Web/digital card interfaces. But, often times, such products coming from unreliable overseas sources, are not even compliant or designed with USA manufactured electrical codes (NEC). At these instances, this can require field modifications to attain code compliance, after these items are drop shipped to your project location for installations. That is why G.E. and Toshiba UPS systems, are the two we utilize most frequently. When we give you a proposal, you can be assured that your system will have excellent equipment that will be backed by world wide re-known designs and manufacturers. If you choose to install a lesser product for budgetary issues, at least you should be aware of the trade offs and the recipient of these cost savings.

These same issues are true of our installations of emergency generation equipment, we utilize world re- known manufactures such as GMC, Caterpiller, Cumins and Generac. We install the best in equipment. We give you piece of mind that your system will be state-of-the-art design and manufactured. Your satisfaction with a project of reliable sturdiness to last for years is assured by decades of proven experience and professionalism of meeting the most demanding of specifications.